What is an A PDF File (and How Can I Open One)? )?


A file that has an .pdf file extension is an document format called a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDFs are used to distribute documents that are read-only that keep the layout of the page. They are commonly used to distribute documents such as user manuals ebooks, application forms and scannable documents, to mention a some.

What is a PDF File?

PDF was developed through Adobe in the late 1990s to accomplish two goals. First, people can open PDF files on any device or operating system without having to download the application that created them. All you require is a PDF reader and nowadays, most web browsers meet the criteria. The second reason is that, wherever you access a PDF the design of the document must be identical.

PDFs may contain images, text embedded fonts, hyperlinks, embedded fonts videos interactive buttons, forms and more.

How do I view the PDF File

Since PDFs are a standard format, there is numerous applications like Soda PDF available to open PDF files. Web browsers Adobe’s own Acrobat Reader, apps from third parties as well as Word Processing apps.

Simplest Method to view a PDF is Use Your Internet Browser

It’s likely that if you’re reading this post your web browser using can view pdf files and it’s generally the same for macOS or Windows.

If you don’t have an alternative application that reads PDFs, it’s likely the browser you use is the default one and you’ll be able to double-click the PDF in order to view it.

If not, right-click on the file, and then click the “Open With” menu, and then select your preferred browser.

To have more control and better Support for Feature Support: Use a Desktop Reader

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is the most popular tool to read PDFs. It’s freeand accessible for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

After you have installed Acrobat Reader All you need do is double-click any PDF you wish to open.

As you can see, it offers many more options to manage your viewing in addition to the ability to convert PDF files into an editable format like an editable Microsoft Office document.

Of of course, there are apps that are third-party to view PDF documents and some of them are less expensive and faster as Adobe Reader.

How to edit the PDF?

If you have to edit an existing PDF, but you want it to remain in the PDF format the options are limited. The most popular choice is Adobe’s Acrobat DC. It’s a bit expensive. The base version costs $12.99 per month and is an annual subscription. It’s only available for Windows. The Pro version costs $14.99 per month, and needs an annual contract. It is available on both Windows as well as macOS.

There’s a 7-day trial for free with the Pro version If you just need to modify an article or two this might be the right software for you.

There are also free programs available. Our preferred software is Adobe PDF-XChange Editor which allows you to make simple annotations and edits.

How to create PDF

There are a variety of methods to make a PDF from nearly anything, Word websites, documents and so on.

In the beginning to begin, each Windows as well as macOS let users the ability to “print” to a PDF file. That means, basically everything you print you can save it as PDF.

Certain apps, such as Chrome include their own PDF printers built-in.

If you want more control on how your PDFs print out (like the case if you’re making documents to print professionally) You’ll be required to utilize Adobe’s Acrobat DC.

How do I Convert PDFs to editable formats

You may also convert a PDF to an different file format so that is easier to edit.

Most likely, you’ll need for you to transform your PDF file into something that your word processor could handle. There are already great posts about converting PDFs into Microsoft Word or Google Docs, therefore, take a look for what you’re required to do. If you’re using another document processor will be able to handle any of these formats following the conversion.

The only issue when document conversion by using Word and Google’s integrated tools is that you may sometimes be unable to maintain complicated layout and formatting. If you’ve got a document that meets this criteria it’s a good idea to explore Adobe’s Acrobat Reader DC. Although the application is free, you will need to pay an $1.99 per month cost if you wish for convert PDFs to other formats like Word. If you’re required to perform regularly, the cost is likely to be worthwhile because Acrobat can be the best and most reliable method to convert PDFs into Word documents, because it is able to preserve the formatting quite well. Also the full version of Acrobat DC is also capable of doing the job however this isn’t worth the expense if all you have for is to change the format of files.

There are online converters which you can utilize in the event that none of the above will meet your needs. These tools are cloud-based, they allow users the conversion of any document that you possess without having to install software on your computer. However, it is important to remember that you must upload your file to their servers as part of the process. If your document contains sensitive data You may want to not bother with this step.

Zamzar is among the most popular online file conversion websites and has worked very well for us. Their free service allows you to convert any type of file up to 100MB in size. After uploading and selecting the format you wish to convert the file to it will be sent to your email with a download link.

Another advantage of the use of Zamzar is the fact that it is compatible with an array of formats that you can convert, such as images, documents and eBook formats.


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