higashi (food)


This is my little experiment with food. I recently was on Facebook and it was one of my favorite times to experiment with food.

I’ll admit it, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with food. Some of the things I like are a little too “real food”, but there’s nothing like a good bowl of ramen noodles and a fried egg over a bowl of ramen noodles. I also love Asian food, but I’ll take a pizza any day.

I like to eat the things I like on the menu, but I don’t like the stuff I like on the menu.

There are also times when I do eat out. The problem is I do so when I absolutely have to. When I dont have a good excuse for being out in public and I also have to eat with my friends, I will often eat out. When Ive been out with friends, I dont get any sense of importance of eating out.

When I first moved to Chicago, my sister said that it was because most restaurants allowed you to order food without having to pay for it, so she was never interested in going out. Which is true. Except when I moved here, it became impossible to go to most restaurants unless you were paying for it, and that was a time when it was really expensive to get a decent meal.

I think the point is that we often think that we have to eat out to feel important, but the truth is that if you want to be special, then you have to eat special. The food in restaurants can help make you special.

As with anything else, we’re talking about the difference between what we consider to be normal food and what we consider to be special food. The only real difference is that we generally go out for the special food. The rest is all the same.

Now, it may seem like a no-brainer, but that’s all it is. We’re not going to go out for the cheap, but the expensive food isn’t going to be the same, regardless of how much we spend. For example, a meal at a place like McDonald’s is all about the same as a meal at a restaurant, regardless of whether you spend $1.99 or $4.99.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the “special” food is pretty damn good, especially if you spend a whole lot of money. If you only eat certain foods, you’re not going to be able to enjoy them all anyway.

If youve tried the new food menu at McDonalds, you may have noticed that its not much different from the ones you love. But the new special menu is not the same. This is because the new special menu comes with a limited number of items. And not only that, but it’s also limited to one item per day. If you want to eat one of the special meals, you’d have to wait for a whole day to eat it.

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