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It’s no secret that food is one of those things that can trigger anxiety. Whether we’re eating out, making a big grocery run or just in the mood to grab something unhealthy from our fridge or pantry, food can become a source of stress.

In this case, the stress comes in the form of anxiety about the state of my own body, and I need to get something on the table. It turns out that my anxiety over food is pretty much the same sort of anxiety that many of us get when we’re thinking about weight loss or a diet. It can be so bad that it can feel as though we’re eating in a panic.

The food you eat in your diet has a lot of calories and fat in it. That’s true of any of your food choices. The foods that you eat aren’t like any other foods that your body needs. Like for example, if you’re in a car and you’re driving, your body needs a certain amount of gasoline. If you’re sitting down, you need more calories, and some of these calories are used to get your blood flowing and your energy levels up during the drive.

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