Are You Embarrassed By Your Crypto Coin Promotion Skills?


There’s no reason to be embarrassed.

If you’re promoting a cryptocurrency, you are in the company of powerhouses like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. And cryptocurrencies are growing exponentially! It’s important to promote them with vigor and conviction.

We’re happy to report that cryptocurrency business promotion can (and should) be fun! While some promotional materials might seem dry or dull at first glance, there is so much great content out there that it’s hard to go wrong. 

1. Make sure there’s a real chance to win.

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to advertise a real opportunity. Cryptocurrency is taking off and there are many different ways to participate. There’s no reason to embellish an opportunity; just share the facts and let people decide for themselves.

When you run a promotional campaign, make sure that people can enter for an actual chance of winning. It’s okay if you include fun perks and extras, but don’t hype up the contest if your prize isn’t real.

2. Don’t mislead or scam your audience 

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not under the control of any single party. Nobody has control over the currency, which keeps it safe from tampering.

It’s tempting to advertise a cryptocurrency by claiming that it’s regulated or endorsed by a government official, business owner, or an organization. But don’t do it! It may seem like you’re enhancing its credibility. But trust us – this is a big mistake. The federal government already says that Bitcoin is not a legal tender and its value is highly volatile; so don’t claim that anything else about the currency is “legal” or “real”.

3. Be appropriate and avoid slanderous content.

There’s no reason to spam chat groups with a promotional campaign. If you need to announce something, do it on your own personal website or social media accounts. Cryptocurrency promotion should not be used as an opportunity for online harassment of other people or companies — and that includes using promotion in order to promote your own startups.

When promoting a cryptocurrency, always be careful with your words. Avoid using foul language and profanities when discussing cryptocurrencies, their investors, their price movements, and so on. Don’t make any threats of violence either; just stay calm and stick to the facts when talking about people’s investments in the currency you’re promoting. Website list is here.

4. Don’t promote any gambling sites.

Of course, you can promote a cryptocurrency by sharing the ways in which it can be used for gambling. But be careful about what kind of gambling you’re promoting. Illegal gambling sites often use currencies like Bitcoin as a way to get away with their underhanded business practices and to avoid government oversight.

It’s okay to post about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies and how they can be used for online gambling, but don’t share links to these sites or encourage people to gamble with them!  If there’s one thing that’s clear in this industry, it’s that the more people gamble with cryptocurrencies, the fewer are chances that they actually buy those cryptocurrencies themselves.

5. Avoid religious and political content.

While cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency, it’s not automatically a religion to be promoted with equal zeal. If you’re already promoting one religion, then it’s probably best to avoid promoting another. And while many use their faith to justify investments in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to stay neutral on religious or political topics on guest posting service.

For example, if you promote a cryptocurrency that’s focused on disrupting the banking industry and you also believe in the concept of fair competition (which means avoiding monopolistic practices), then go ahead and share that information with your followers. But don’t share this information if you’re promoting a cryptocurrency that’s oriented on the concept of “alternative” currencies or economies that are not currency-based.

6. Don’t claim that your cryptocurrency is the best out there.

The message you’re likely trying to convey is that your cryptocurrency is better than other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, there are many examples of cryptocurrencies where this really has been said!

Remember: there isn’t a “best cryptocurrency” in the same way that there isn’t a “best food”. Each person has their own preferences, and so does each business. This doesn’t mean that one cryptocurrency is not better than another: it just means that you can’t claim your cryptocurrency is “better” unless you’re able to show how it’s substantiated by facts and figures, like Bitcoin’s price growth or the number of transactions that have taken place.

7. Use your own website to promote other cryptocurrencies.

If you really believe in cryptocurrency, then there’s no reason for you to rely on third-party services for promoting them. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts like ICO people don’t rely on any single platform – instead, they choose to diversify (which is a smart idea). If you run a website or blog, then use that channel to share more information about different cryptocurrencies.

While you should definitely include some information about your own cryptocurrency, there’s nothing wrong with promoting other cryptocurrencies too. For example, if you want to promote a cryptocurrency that’s oriented on banking and payment services, then it’s perfectly alright to also promote the currency that aims to disrupt banking and payment services.

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