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This is the first article I ever wrote for the ACBC’s Food Sorting Podcast. For those who don’t know, ACBC is a group of people who are dedicated to helping food safety by removing food contamination. This is my take on it from an acbc food safety standpoint.

Food contamination is a very real issue. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are some 3 million food borne outbreaks annually. If you’ve ever eaten any meat or poultry, then you’ll be familiar with the issue of food safety.

To be perfectly honest, I think some of the biggest food safety issues we face today are due to not using proper food safety methods or procedures (aka: the USDA is asleep at the switch). For example, when you buy produce, why do you have to use the USDA label on the package? A lot of times, you don’t need the USDA label on the product.

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the USDA label, but we are a nation of overworked public servants. If I could go back in time and make a switch and have the USDA label slapped on the meat, I would. Just a thought.

The USDA label is a great example of a food safety issue. It is a nice touch that you might not think of, but the label is not really necessary and it is not a standard. It is a label that we use to help us identify food safety issues that we have to deal with. The label is only a small part of it. You need to know what you are dealing with and what you are not.

The problem most of us have is in not knowing what we are dealing with. We don’t know what something is, we don’t know what is wrong with it, we don’t know if it is safe or not. In many cases, the USDA label is a great help in determining what to do, but it is not a standard. It is not the most important part of the food safety issue, but it is a step in the process.

The label is a good start, but it is not a standard. The most important thing to know is what you are dealing with. The USDA label is not a standard and should not be used as a substitute for good judgment. It is just a quick way to get to a quick answer when a situation arises. As your food safety concerns change, so should your answers.

The problem is that the USDA label is not a standard. If your food safety concerns change, so should your answers.

A label is a label… and as with other labels, there are many sources out there. The USDA has a great website. If you have an issue, you can go to their site and fill out an application. When you do, get a copy of it and keep it handy just in case. The label is not a standard.

The problem is not that the labels are inaccurate. The problem is that they don’t provide the answers you want. The USDA has a great website but a lot of the information on it is outdated. The website itself is also not a standard and there are many, many sources out there. The website is not the only source of information. The CDC is another one of the many sources out there.

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